Recording Secretary – Suzanne Locke

The Recording Secretary is in charge of correspondence for, and in the name of the Local Lodge; The Recording Secretary presents all communications and bills to the Local Lodge and delivers them to the Secretary-Treasurer. The Recording Secretary draws all orders on the Secretary-Treasurer when passed by the Local Lodge and attests the same by properly signing and attaching to them the seal of the Local Lodge. The Recording Secretary prepares and signs all credentials of delegates and alternate delegates to conventions of the Grand Lodge and forwards duplicates thereof to the General Secretary Treasurer. The Recording Secretary keeps minutes of the Local Lodge meetings and performs such other duties as are required by the Constitution.

2921505347_20131014_3661_Crp_CmprSuzanne Locke
Suzanne Kusek has been a member of IAM Local Lodge 850 since her shop was organized at Tinker AFB in 2002. She has worked for DynPar, CSP, TSS, and now Alutiiq  during consecutive contracts and is presently occupied as an Operations Document Clerk.
In addition to her duties as Recording Secretary and Lodge Officer, Suzanne serves as Shop’s Steward for her own and two other shops.