Vice President – Robert Breaux

The Vice President shall see that all people entering the Local Lodge room are members; sees that all property of the Local Lodge has proper care and assists the president in maintaining order; presides at all meetings in the absence of the president; and shall, in the absence of the president, be authorized to sign vouchers, checks, and other documents in his/her place and stead, subject to approval of the Local Lodge.

Robert Breaux
Robert Breaux has been a member of IAM Local Lodge 850 since his shop was organized at Tinker AFB in 2002. He has worked for DynPar, CSP, TSS, during consecutive contracts and is currently working for a subcontractor (SSI) on the  Alutiiq contract at TAFB and is still occupied as an RCM Technician.

Robert was also previously a member of the IUPAT in Houston, Texas; the  IAMAW on an Oroweat contract in Montebello, California; and has also been a member of the IBEW in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.